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We Don't Just Give You Our Ideas, But More Importantly Teach You How To Become Self Sustaining Through 1 On 1 And Small Group Mentorship. 

Dylan Fridrich
Founder - Impact Investing Team
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Improve Your Lifestyle

Learn A Skill To Supplement Your Income​

Replace Your Income To Escape The 9-5

Be Your Own Boss, Call The Shots


Improve Your Circle Of Influence 



Improve Your Investing

Go From Beginner To Expert

Understand Trading Psychology 

Learn How To Day and Swing Trade

Knowledge How to Play Options 


How can Impact Help Me?

What's Included with Impact?

Impact Academy 

This Is Our Extensive A-Z Video Courses Sharing Everything We Know To Be True In The Markets

Impact Live

Here We Share Our Screen Live Each Day, And Have A Discord Chat Room Where We Share All Of Our Plays 

Impact Mentorship 

Unlike Anything In The Industry, You Have Direct Access to Live Calls With The Mentors, Cell Phones Numbers, And Real People Without Alias Names

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"WE BELIEVE there is more to life than slaving a 9-5, hoping for a raise, struggling to pay bills, retiring at 65, and going to the grave with regret."

Meet your Mentor

Dylan Fridrich

"After spending 5 years as an Insurance Broker right out of high school, I felt stuck living the same day on repeat 24/7/365, counting down the days till the weekend or next vacation. I finally decided to get into real estate purchasing two mobile home parks. After realizing the headache that came with it, I was able to flip them for a profit and get out. Next, I started an online service company that I eventually sold the rights to. At last I jumped into trading, and made more than my salary in the TEAM IPO. After this I was hooked, and decided to take the leap of faith into becoming a full time trader. 


After giving up the career and the awesome pay, I realized how little I knew about the markets, and just how LUCKY I got with TEAM. After failing horribly the next year, I dove in to figuring out a back tested and proven system to day, swing, and options trade.

Today, I spend most of my time helping others master the skill of investing as well as helping them become financially free. In my free time, I'm traveling around the world with my wife Taylar and our friends constantly obsessing over new cultures, cuisine, the incredible people we have met, and the epic adventures we've been on."

Section 1. Market Basics

My Journey / Introduction 

Opportunity With Investing

The Different Styles Of Trading

Trading Terminology

Psychology Of Trading

Section 2. Charting / Patterns / Indicators

Charting Basics

Indicators / Chart Patterns

Pattern / Setup Recognition

Timeframes / Chart Setup

How To Risk / Size 

Section 3. Strategy Deep Dive

Large Cap Strategies

Small Cap Strategies

Options Strategies

Small Cap Swing Strategies

Large/Mid Cap Swing Strategies

Section 4. Bonus

Trade Tracker/ Progress Report

Mid / Long Term Investing

How To Set And Crush Goals

What's Inside Impact Academy?


What Our Members Say
"Absolutely life changing"
"Took me from A-Z"
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